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Gas Grill Dual Manifold Valves 385A0 & 386A0 Compatible

  • MSRP: C$11.60
  • SKU: 39400
  • Material: brass

Dual manifold use with valves 385A0 & 386A0; Compatible with Arkla & Sunbeam models.

Lengthen your barbecue's existence to serve you the most succulent recipes of your life for many years! Your malfunctioned, unusable dual manifold should be replaced with this one that offers durability and efficiency made from safe brass material. This barbecue replacement part is constructed for use with 385A0 & 386A0 valves of many Arkla and Sunbeam models. A restoration grill component that promotes reliability, just mount with bolt hold up for natural gas, down for LP gas.

Grill valves can wear out, become rusted and too difficult to operate, thus requiring replacement. Unlike the burner, the valve must match the original part that came with the grill to fit properly. And due to lack of available replacements, many grills are disposed of when it fail. Avoid spending too much money to buy an entirely new gas grill just because of the broken part. We have different kinds and sizes of valves that match perfectly like your old one.

Compatible with Arkla models: 41438, 41439, 41530, 41531, 41630, 41630-S, 41632, 42210, 42212, 42290, 42300-G, 42301, 42310, 42311, 42314, 42317, 42381, 42382, 42390, 42391, 42403, 42410, 42410-S, 42417, 42420, 42429, 42501-RUF, 42505-GU, 42510, 42510-S, 42513, 42513-S, 42517, 42518, 42530, 42530-S, 42531-F, 42531-P, 42531-SP, 42533, 42538-P, 42580, 42581, 42582, 42583, 42584, 42600, 42602-G, 42610, 42610-N, 42610-NP, 42610-NS, 42611-N, 42612-N, 42618-S, 42629, 42630-N, 42630-NS, 42639, 42639-S, 42680, 42681, 42682, 42683, 42684, 551990, 551996, 552990, 553920, 561591, 561592, 562590, 562591, 563490, 563690, 61310, 61400-1, 61400-G, 61410, 61501-R, 61503-R, 61510, 61511, 61512, 61600, 61600-1, 61601-RPU, 61610, 61610-1, 61610-S, 61611, 61611-S, 61612-1, 61612-S, 61614, 61615-1, 62300, 62310, 62400, 62401-RBF, 62410, 62420, 62510, 62511, 62600, 62601-RBF, 62610-S, 62612, 62612-S, G214-10L, G214-30B, G214-30L, G214-30L1, G214-32L, G244-23I, G244-24I, G244-24I1, G244-25I, G244-25I1, G244-25I2, G244-25I3, G244-25N, G244-25R, G244-25R1, G244-25R2, G244-6, G244-6C, G304-25A1, G304-25A5, G304-25A6, G304-25N, G304-26A, G304-32B, G304-32L, G304-6C, G304-B, G305-31B, G307-6, G324-25I, G324-25I1, G324-25I2, G324-25R, G324-25R2, G324-32I, G324-34I, G324-34I1, G324-5B, G344-11B, G344-32B, G344-33L1, G344-34I, G344-34I2, G344-34I3, G344-34I4, G344-34I5, G344-34I6, G344-34L, G344-38I, G345-33B, G345-34L, G364-4C, G364-6C, G404-25N, G404-26A, G404-26A1, G404-26A2, G404-4, G404-44A, G404-6, G404B, G405-33B, G405-34B, G424-25R, G424-34I, G424-39I, G424-4B, G424-4C, G424-6C, G444-25R, G444-26A, G444-26A1, G444-44A, G444-4B, G464-4C, G464-5C, G464-6, G464-6C, G484-6, G484-6C, G527-6B, G584-6C, GB21-332I, GB21-333I, GB30-330I, GB40-330I, GF430-217-SB, GF430-286-EB, GF430-286-EI, GF430-292-EB, GF430-292-EL, GF430-329-EA, GF430-329-EI, GF430-EB, GF430-EI, GF430-EL, GF430-SB, GF430-SI, GF430-SL, GF540-286-EB, GF540-286-EL, GF540-286-SB, GF540-292-EB, GF540-292-EI, GF540-292-EL, GF540-292-ELV, GF540-292-EUB, GF540-330-EAV, GF540-330-EI, GF540-330-EI-1, GF540-330-EIV, GF540-EA, GF540-EB, GF540-EI, GF540-EI2, GF540-EIV, GF540-EL, GF540-EVB, GF540-SB, GP304-35L, GR1515 upfront, GR1515-286-EL, GR1515-4, GR1515-5, GR1515-6, GR1515-EL, GR2020 upfront, GR2020-A, GR2020-L1, GRB40 upfront, GRB40-286-EL, GRB40-286-GIV, GRB40-286-GLV, GRB40-EL, GRB40-EL1, GRB40-ERV, GRB40-GIV, GRB40-GL, GRB40-GLV, GRB404-GL, GRB44-A, GS1515-4, GS1515-5, GS1515-6, GS2020 upfront, GT1515, GT1515-251U, GT1515-288U, GT1515-EU, GT1515-EUV, GT1515-EV, GT1515-SE, GT1515-SR, GT2020
Compatible with Sunbeam models: 3167X8, 31MC6