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Brass Valve w/ .25" Female Aluminum Compression Fitting

  • MSRP: C$21.55
  • SKU: 36900
  • Material: brass

Compatible with Broilmaster models: D3, D4, G2000TSX-L, P3, P4, S3, U2-L, U3, U4, U5 Compatible with Charmglow models: 523U, 523V, 523X, 523Z, 524B, 524G, 524J, 524K, 524U, 524V, 524X, 540X, 541X, 7406, 7416, 7427, 75010, 75110, 75250, 75320, 7606, 7616, 7627, 76310, 7644, 7658, 7700210, 77110, 77250, 77330, 8416, 8416-1, 8511, 8525, 8531, 8541, 8753, 9235, 9235B Compatible with Kalamazoo models: Bread Breaker, Steadfast

Most of the households own a grill, also known as barbecue. There are many components of it that can be replaced with new parts, adding to the useful life of it. Gas grills are more complex than charcoal grills, because it require additional components such as burners, heat shields, venturis, etc., that can sometimes difficult to find the exact match to fit the original. That's why we offer a wide variety of that components in all kinds, listed with different sizes to help you avoid disposing the whole grill and repair it instead. Just like this sturdy brass valve that comes with 1/4 inch female aluminum compression fittings weighing 0.5 pounds. This gas valve with the dimensions of 2 11/16” x 1 5/16” is compatible with certain models of Broilmaster, Charmglow, and Kalamazoo models such as Bread Breaker and Steadfast. It is the best way to continue using your gas grill that provides high quality performance like new without spending a lot of money to enjoy your mouth-watering barbecue recipes once again.