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cast iron burner 16" x 6 1/4"

  • MSRP: C$94.07
  • SKU: 22701
  • dmnA: 16
  • dmnB: 6.25
  • Material: cast iron

cast iron burner

Compatible with DCS models: 27, 27 series, 27ABQ, 27ABQR, 27BQ, 27BRQ
Compatible with Lynx models: CS30, L27, L30, L30PSP, L36, L42, L54, L5430, L54PS, LBQ27, LBQ36, LBQ48, LCB1, LCB2, LDR18, LDR21, LDR27, LDR30, LDR36, LDR42, LDR54, LIJ27, LIJ30, LIJ36, LIJ42, LIJ54, LPSGE, LPSGEBKT, LPSGEKIT, LSB1, LSB2, LSB2PC, LSPGE