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Deluxe Non-Stick Wok Topper Barbecue BBQ Grill Cookware

  • MSRP: C$24.49
  • SKU: 98130
  • Material: porcelain steel

-Deluxe non-stick wok topper. 11” in diameter with chrome handles.

Serving healthy, tasty, and delicious-looking food can be done safely and easily with this deluxe non-stick wok topper. It is made with porcelain steel designed with non-stick coating that offers various advantages. This type of cookware allows you to use lesser amount of oil as compared to regular stainless steel woks and pans. Also, the coating prevents food from sticking any more than necessary, resulting to easier washing and cleaning afterwards. One of the most important parts of any cookware is its surface. It should be strong and resilient, provides good heat transfer, durable, and prevents food from sticking. This deluxe non-stick wok topper possesses all of these characteristics and will prove to be a great addition to your cooking accessories.This product measures at 11” in diameter and comes with chrome handles.