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Porcelain Steel Wire Rib and Roast Rack Pork Beef Lamb

  • MSRP: C$31.80
  • SKU: 26029
  • Material: porcelain steel wire


Conventional beef and pork ribs cooking often takes a lot of space on your grill spit, resulting to longer hours of cooking especially during large occasions. With this porcelain steel wire rib and roast rack, grilling these tasty red meats can be done in a more convenient and time-efficient manner. Designed with porcelain coated steel, this rack allows you to ensure easy and hassle-free cooking as you neatly arrange and cook spare ribs, lamb chops, pork chops, and beef ribs. With its durable material, this grill accessory can be safely used on charcoal, gas, and electric grills as well in an oven. Lightweight in make, this rack enables easy food transport from the grill to the table while its non-stick coating allows for easy cleaning. This product is specifically engineered to be compatible with Large Big Green Egg model.