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Grid Cleaning Wooden Brush w/ Stainless Steel Bristles

  • MSRP: C$11.60
  • SKU: 40501
If you own a barbecue grill, you should definitely have a grid cleaning brush to keep it at its top condition at all times. Scraping your grates off of food residue and grease and grimes after every use can prove to be a tedious job. And, when executed using the wrong tool, can even damage your grill. What's worse, the job wasn't completed. This product is designed with stainless steel bristles which will scrape off the dirt stuck on your grate. The material offers deep abrasive clean which will keep your grill looking like new with every wash. The smooth and durable wooden handle promotes great and convenient grip while the 'V' shaped brush design provides dual-action cleaning. With this grid brush, you can wave hello to hassle-free, convenient, and efficient cleaning.