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stainless steel burner 17" x 1"

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  • dmnA: 17
  • dmnB: 1
  • Material: stainless steel

stainless steel burner

Compatible with Vermont Castings models: VM448, VM508, VM658, VCS3507, VC301 VC312 VC313PSP VC412 VC412SS VC512 VC512SS VCS300 VCS300SS VCS301 VCS301ES VCS301SS VCS301SSBI VCS310 VCS310ES VCS322SS VCS322SSBI VCS400ES VCS401 VCS412SS VCS300SSBI VCS3006 VCS3008 VCS3018 VCS3028 VCS3038 VCS323SS VCS324SS VCS3506 VCS3506P VCS3507 VCS3517 VCS422SS VCS423SS VCS4008 VCS4008P VCS4018 VCS401SS VCS4038 VCS500SS VCS500SSBI VCS501 VCS5018 VCS501SS VCS5006BI VCS5006BIN VCS5008 VCS5038 VCS523SS VCS524SSBIN VCS525 VCT223SS VM448 VM508 VM508SP VM508SN VM658 VM658SN VSC524SS