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stainless steel burner 18 1/8" x 7 13/16"

  • MSRP: C$122.43
  • SKU: 12541
  • dmnA: 18.13
  • dmnB: 7.81
  • Material: stainless steel

stainless steel burner

Compatible with Alfresco models: AGBQ-30, AGBQ-30C, AGBQ-30CD, AGBQ-30SZ, AGBQ-30SZCD, AGBQ-42, AGBQ-42C, AGBQ-42CSZ, AGBQ-42RFG, AGBQ-42SZ, AGBQ-42SZRFG, AGBQ-56, AGBQ-56BFG, AGBQ-56BFGC, AGBQ-56BFGR, AGBQ-56C, AGBQ-56RFG, AGBQ-56SZ, AGBQ-56SZC, AGBQ-56SZRFG, ALX2-30, ALX2-30C, ALX2-30CD, ALX2-30SZ, ALX2-30SZC, ALX2-30SZCD, ALX2-42, ALX2-42C, ALX2-42RFG, ALX2-42SZ, ALX2-42SZC, ALX2-42SZRFG, ALX2-56, ALX2-56BFG, ALX2-56BFGC, ALX2-56BFGR, ALX2-56C, ALX2-56RFG, ALX2-56SZ, ALX2-56SZC, ALX2-56SZRFC