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Gas Grill Left Valve Assembly Charbroil Manifold 35950

  • MSRP: C$14.00
  • SKU: 35960
  • Material: brass

Compatible with Charbroil models: 4658660, 4658663, 4658667, 4659572, 4659663, 4668569, 4857565, 4858575, 4858641, 4859575, BP4638875-300, BP4638876-400, GG7435, GG7475, GG7476, GG8475, GG8476, GG8564, GG9475, GG9476Compatible with Kenmore models: 15643, 1585, 15855, 415.15643, 415.1585, 415.15855

One of the best parts of having a gas grill is the fact that you can enjoy all the benefits of grilling on command in any area and different type of occasions. Birthday parties, reunions, hangout with friends, or just a simple family day, grilling your favorite foods is the perfect way to enjoy all of them! That's why most of the households own a gas grill, and sometimes it just happens to meet its limitation avoiding us from those good times. And like most people do, there is a common belief that if the certain part breaks especially valves, the grill is completely destroyed resulting to buy an entirely new unit which is very impractical. By purchasing a new valve, you can save yourself money by replacing the broken part instead of simply throwing the whole unit away. We offer different kinds and sizes in all categories like this Left Hand Valve assembly, exactly matched for some Charbroil and Kenmore models.