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Sngl LP Gas Grill Valve Compatible with Ducane Models

  • MSRP: C$46.55
  • SKU: 37800
  • Material: brass


Replacement parts from Grill Parts Canada give you the assurance that your grill will perform its best like new when it comes to preparing that delicious meal specially made for your family and friends. You can find the correct parts from the list of our extensive collection in all kinds and variations ranging from accessories, valves, miscellaneous, burners, venturis, cooking grids, heat plates, rock grates and radients. Including this sngl LP gas valve for some Ducane models that fits left or right, made from durable brass material that ensures long lasting performance. This valve guarantees efficiency in controlling and regulating how much heat makes it to your grill pit. Replacement is necessary if a control valve becomes broken or frozen and replacements for some models are available individually or may occasionally require as a set. And its configuration varies widely so it is important to specify and write down the model number for a precise fit.

Compatible with Ducane models: 1005, 1005SHLPE, 1200, 1200HLP, 1200HLPE, 1202, 1202HLP, 1202SHLPE, 1204, 1204S, 1204SHLPE, 1204SHNE, 1205, 1205SHLPE, 1300, 1300SHLPE, 1305, 1305SHLPE, 1500, 1502, 1502HLP, 1502HLPE, 1502SHLPE, 1504, 1504S, 1504SHLPE, 1505, 1605SHLPE, 2002, 2002HLP, 2002HLPE, 2002SHLPE, 2004, 2004CPGLP, 2004S, 2004SHLPE, 2005, 2005SHLPE, 3002LPE, 4002SLPE, 4005, 4005LPE, 4005SLPE, 5002, 5002SHLPE, 5002SLPE, 5002SS, 5004, 5004S, 5004SHLPE, 5005, 5005SHLPE, 5005SHNE, 6000, 6002, 6002S, 6002SLPE, 802, 802HLP, 802HLPE, 802SHLP, 804, 804S, 804SHLP, 805, COSTCO