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Single Brass Gas Grill Valve for Coastal and Wilmington

  • MSRP: C$37.70
  • SKU: 34700
  • Material: brass

-Compatible with Coastal models: 9900, Cruiser, Supreme

Unlike the burner, the valve must match the original part that came with the grill to fit properly. And due to lack of available replacements, many grills are disposed of when valves fail. That's why Grill Parts Canada offers wide selection of replacement parts you need for your gas grill including this valve, made from sturdy brass material that can definitely last longer. With the dimensions of 2 15/16” x 1 15/16”, it is compatible with Coastal and Wilmington models such as 9900, Cruiser, and Supreme.

Avoid spending too much money to buy an entirely new gas grill just because of the broken valve. We have different kinds and sizes of valves that match perfectly like your old one. Replacing with the repair parts is the most practical and effective way to bring your gas grill back into action and enjoy your backyard or pool parties, picnics, hangouts, and beach outings once again while grilling your favorite foods!